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In the afterlife world when Sayid sees Shannon again, they remember each other and immediately fall back in love. Sure, they really liked each other on the island, but wasn't Nadia Sayid's eternal love? Why is love on the island somehow more "Real" than love outside of the island?

Hi, Anonymous. First of all, saying “sure, they really liked each other” is quite the understatement. Yes, Sayid seems to fall in love hilariously often, but rewatch those first couple seasons, and not just the lovey scenes between Sayid and Shannon. Sayid tortured Sawyer to get Shannon her inhalers, he tried to kill Ana Lucia when she shot and killed Shannon, he fought scary scary Mr. Eko in order to get to Ana Lucia after she shot Shannon, he told Ana Lucia to kill him, and later he made several references to the fact that it didn’t matter what happened to him because he was “already dead.” Even look at just the scene between him and “Henry Gale” in which he asks Henry how deep he dug his “dead wife’s” grave. That guy was in love. And, as for Shannon’s side of it, just look at literally every other relationship with a man she’s ever had. Sayid made her feel loved, happy, and safe for the first time in her life. Long paragraph short: Nuh-uh, they were both incredibly in love with each other.

On the subject of his love for Nadia and Island Love, let’s first talk about Love in general. How many times have you been in love? How many times are people allowed to love? What is love? Baby, don’t hurt me. No more.

My point is that just because you love someone, it doesn’t mean you can’t love again. That would make life pretty depressing for a lot of people. Jack was married before he met Kate, Kate was married before she met Jack (and Sawyer), Claire conceived a child with her boyfriend before she met Charlie, Juliet had a husband and a romantic relationship with Goodwin before she met Sawyer, and Boone boned his step-sister before he met John Locke.  Personally, I have been in love more than once, and I don’t think that negates the feelings I’ve had for any of the participating parties. To quote no one, “Love is not exclusive. Love is everywhere. Love, love everywhere, but not a drop to drink.” Or something like that.

Now, let’s talk about Island Love. Is Island Love more “real?” No. But is it stronger? Kind of, yeah. I’ve discussed earlier about how important the Island was to the characters’ lives, and also about the Heart of the Island, which is the Source of Life. Both of these directly relate to the issue of Island Love, and to put it all together we need to understand that the main thesis of the show was essentially “Life is Love.” The idea of A Constant shows that most of all, but also look at the characters’ relationships and motivations throughout the series and how much love informed their actions. And let’s not forget the series finale, which is a pretty appropriate time to sum up your show.  The survivors’ awakenings in the Sideways were based primarily on love. That Sideways world itself came from the Island, the Source of all life. So, I would say in relation to the Sideways world’s purpose and the very nature of the Island, yes, Island Love is stronger. If Life is Love, and the Island is the source of Life, then the very fabric of the Sideways world was built with the love that was born during the survivors’ time on the Island.

So, while Sayid did love Nadia very much, his love for Shannon was more “real” in its connection to the Island, the Sideways world, their lives, and most importantly the thesis of the whole series. The Numbers and hatches and smoke monsters aside, that’s what the show was about. Maybe it’s a little corny, but LOST was LOVE.

That’s okay, though. So were The Beatles.


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