Hi. I’m a scientist. Still confused by LOST's series finale? Think there are too many questions left unanswered or that it was purgatory the whole time? Well, I "respectfully" disagree. Send me your questions and I will answer them. I will write in complete sentences and support my answers.

Try not to ask too much about Walt.

Namaste or Whatever,

A Scientist


Anonymous asked
Why did Faraday and the Zodiac time travel with the island and The helicopter not, if they were both near the island ?

The helicopter was outside of the Island’s radius because it took off from the freighter, which made a great deal of effort to be outside of the Island’s radius. The Zodiac had not yet made it outside, so it traveled with the Island.

Anonymous asked
how many seasons are there?

Of what?

Anonymous asked
You answered the question about the baby-less-ness of the women on the island as a result of the H-Bomb going off. But in all of the reality we see, the H-Bomb doesn't go off until Desmond turns the key much, much later. The H-Bomb only went off in the Sideways world with no island. Could we assume then that the 108 minute cycle periodically vented the electromagnetic magic and did two things: 1 Built Desmond's resistance to EM and 2 Killed pregnancies? Would Kelvin have been resistant, too?

Well, the baby-less-ness of the women wasn’t a result of the H-Bomb going off. It was a result of The Incident, the electromagnetic catastrophe that the H-Bomb was supposedly going to stop.

In a way, yes, Desmond living in the hatch for years built up his “resistance” to EM. But when he turned the failsafe key, his body didn’t repel the EM blast. He became imbued with the EM and mystical time properties of the Island.

And in regards to Kelvin, fuck Kelvin.

Anonymous asked
Late to the party-almost through season 1...I've heard a lot of ruckus about the finale but don't want to stop watching-what 3 things should I bear in mind?

1.The show wavers for a bit. Power through some of season 2 and really power through a lot of season 3. Season 3 is when the writers made a deal with ABC to set an end date, so they could pace out the story a lot smoother than they did during season 2 and 3, which is to say “barely”. Something happens at the end of season 3 and it is the most chilling and memorable moment of the entire show. After that moment, the show is very fast-paced and rewarding and cool and etc.

2. Despite how the show is presented at times, the WTF mysteries don’t matter as much as you might think. However, the bigger mysteries do matter. For example… What is the Island? What is the monster? Where are they? Why were these people brought to this Island? What happens to these people? Those questions are all answered, in a straightforward and satisfactory way. Many other mysteries exist to create a rich mythological setting for the show to take place. They are not meant to be important pieces to the puzzle. The puzzle, as it turns out, is actually quite simple. Those little details and questions, however, can still be answered. No one ever says clearly why there are polar bears on the Island, but we are given more than enough information to figure it out ourselves.

3. Ultimately, the show is about the characters. It is about love, and growth, and redemption, and relationships, and love again. If you care about these people and want to find out what happens to them, keep watching. You will not be disappointed.

Anonymous asked
How do you feel about Jack's ex wife leaving him for that douche on modern family?

Ty Burrell is a national treasure.

Anonymous asked
Am I the only one who remembers the "Magic Box" that Ben told Locke that his father came out of on the island? This seemed like it was gonna be such a big plot point that they could have done so much with, and then everyone just forgot about it! Did Ben just lie about it? Or is it just another "mystery of the island"?

"The magic box was a metaphor, John." - Ben Linus, There’s No Place Like Home Part 2

"More specifically, the magic box was a metaphor for The Island, Anonymous." - Me, Just Now Part 1

Anonymous asked
Why are these people that crashed on a plane more important than their kids, parents, husbands, wives that they had before and possibly after the short island stay?

Because these people who crashed on a plane saved the world together. Before and after? Not a whole lot of saving the world.

Anonymous asked
When Jack is confronted about being drunk at the hospital, he replies (paraphrasing) "if my father is less drunk than I am, I'll quit right now" IS his father alive in the second reality or does his boss ignore the remark because he thinks Jack is sauced, or did I misunderstand the statement?

The “drunk at the hospital” moment didn’t take place in the Sideways. It was a flash forward to the darkest time in Jack’s life, after they left but before they went back. Jack was making a macabre, drunken joke about his father, because he was all whacked out on booze and Island Remorse.

Anonymous asked
In the finale , Locke tells jack that he doesn't have a son then How is david his son?

Up until Locke’s death, Jack did not have a son, which is why he told Jack that. He wanted Jack to remember his real life and accept his death.

As for how David is Jack’s son, David was conceived the night before Ajira 316 took off. He was born to Kate between 8 and 9 months after Jack’s death. For too much information about this, go here.

Anonymous asked
If the Lamp Post has been operating since the mid-70s, why did Widmore have such a hard time finding the island once he was ousted?

He didn’t have access to the Lamp Post. He was ousted.