Hi. I’m a scientist. Still confused by LOST's series finale? Think there are too many questions left unanswered or that it was purgatory the whole time? Well, I "respectfully" disagree. Send me your questions and I will answer them. I will write in complete sentences and support my answers.

Try not to ask too much about Walt.

Namaste or Whatever,

A Scientist


lostlovernumber6 asked
If the black smoke pretended to be jon locke and christian shepard, does that mean that when mr. Eko saw his dead brother yemi on the island, was that the black smoke too?

Yes, as was Kate’s horse, Sayid’s cat, Richard’s wife, etc. Although Christian was only the smoke monster when wearing rags. Suit and Tie Christian was something else entirely.

Anonymous asked
Is this blog dead? please update

The blog was dead the whole time. This is purgatory.

(No, it’s not dead. I’m just a busy bee and I feel like my Cracked column and many posts here have answered the majority of the questions I get that are worth answering. However, I do have some more things to say on a few key subjects, and I will be updating, I just don’t know when. Again, it’s the bee thing.)

Anonymous asked
Why/how was Walk Special?

Because without legs, we couldn’t.

Anonymous asked
Why didn't Hurley's brother Diego greet him when he returned from the Island with the rest of the Oceanic 6?

He was at work. It’s explained in an unaired episode that no one gives a shit about.

Anonymous asked
WTF happen with Walt?

Walt was special and was stolen from his father for studying. His father turned out to be a pretty enormous wang, so he took Walt from the Island and from his destiny there. Walt lived for several years off the Island, tortured by dreams and of the knowledge of what his father did to save him.

Then one day Hurley, the new Island Protector, showed up and took him back to the Island, where he belonged.

The End.

Anonymous asked
What was the deal with the cuts Jack was getting in the flash sideways? I don't remember them ever coming back to it or it having any significance.

The cut Jack had on his neck was from the moment MIB/Locke pressed a knife against his throat during their final battle. The stomach wound (claimed to be an appendix scar) was from when MIB/Locke stabbed Jack in the effing stomach.

The Sideways, as I hope we all know by now, took place after everyone had died. It was a sort of waiting room for the Afterlife. A Purgatory, if you have to use that word. So the wounds Jack saw were his death wounds, as he was dead in the Sideways.

plgagne asked
Hey, about the son of Jack and Juliet in the sideways world, what was his name again ?

I think his name was Google. It was a whacky show!

Anonymous asked
how did the ghost introduce herself

This is unfortunately the only unanswerable question from Lost, but only because hey what are you talking about?

Anonymous asked
Why did Faraday and the Zodiac time travel with the island and The helicopter not, if they were both near the island ?

The helicopter was outside of the Island’s radius because it took off from the freighter, which made a great deal of effort to be outside of the Island’s radius. The Zodiac had not yet made it outside, so it traveled with the Island.

Anonymous asked
how many seasons are there?

Of what?